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the obama campaign is now going to go by advertising in some of these states as well. minnesota, and michigan and pennsylvania for some of this late romney moved. pennsylvania i don't really buy that its competitive. i've been keeping a close eye on it for a long time, but if it's going to be then it's going to be competitive because republicans are going to be able to turn out a large number of voters in the western half of the state, pittsburgh, johnstown the user be held by jack murtha is told by congressman mark chris was the only district in the country to vote for john kerry in 2004 and john mccain in 2008 the only from d to are in the election and those are the voters that president obama once derided to their guns in the region and they are the exact kind of white working-class voters having the most trouble connecting with. succumb if the republicans are going to put in play the will to live in a sneak attack way and on the western half of the state the obama campaign as well by the way they've got to turn out machine the philadelphia there's a reason some of these are
. president obama is 20 something points ahead of the state. >> obama is way ahead. >> i think he likes to claim new hampshire as a mother and he's probably going to lose the hampshire so he is going to make history by being the first to lose all three home states. [laughter] >> there was one person it's failing me who it is the president lost his home state and birth stayed and still one that was in the 1800's said it is unusual. i think we are ready if people would like to ask questions instead of meter freezing them and changing them into something else. we are ready to take some questions out loud if anybody wants to go to the microphone to read we have them in both files or just this one? if anybody wants to go to that microphone and asked a question you can ask of general walsh and i promise not to cut you off too quickly as long as there is a question at the end of whatever you say. if anyone wants to ask a question -- >> you are closer and you can get there faster. >> stood up to the microphone and if not lost more myself to this gimmick the other day mitt romney made a statemen
at everything here's done and barack obama never really was prepared to be president of the united states. we took a chance. we took a chance on a man whose resumÉ would not have been approved to be head of any corporation in this country, a man who never ran a business, a man who never ran a military unit, a map who never met a payroll, a man who had no practical experience. sometimes somebody can have talents to be a great executive, never had a chance to show it before. well, he got his chance. you know, we have the highest unemployment for a sustained period since we had since the great depression. he had his chance, and now we got a chance to have a man who actually has been successful in life in a way that converts itself into being an effective executive putting practicality ahead of ideology which is what a president ultimately has to do. even a president i loved the most, the most conservative president probably we've had in the last hundred years always put practicality ahead of everything in making decisions for the american people. that's the difference in choice. one time though
blues, but don't forget that mr. obama won his first office as state senator by disenfranchising 1000 black voters in his district which is where i live by the way. removed their names. so it is a game played by both parties. unfortunately the victims are always the same color and the same income group, the vulnerable, class war. right now there's no question that the democrats are doing it and the republicans are doing it but republicans do it wholesale. the republicans have the big datamining operations that cost 40, $50 billion each to develop while demott kratzer playing with their floppy disks so it is the balance has shifted for 2012. not shifted so much to the republicans because that is just -- for shifted to the billionaires, the hands and the public, mr. sanger of the the vulture and his buddy, is other billionaire buddy and let me just bring up a couple more. i mentioned seamus, the koch brothers. oh yeah we are going after couple more and by the way there are four brothers. you will get the whole pack in "billionaires & ballot bandits," not just david and charles but you g
and the republicans are campaigning across the state with republican strategist sean tonner, and later an analysis of president obama's strategy. our guest is rick palassio. washington journal is your phone calls, tweets and e-mails live every morning at 7:30 eastern on c-span. >> these are the stories your textbooks left out. their great stories about real people in american history, very important moments that we don't know about. the first pilgrims in america came to, came 50 years before the mayflower sailed. they were french, they made wine, they had the good sense to land in florida in june instead of december in massachusetts, but then they were wiped out by the spanish, but we've completely left out
of president obama's strategy to win the state and elect democrats. our guest is democratic party chair, rick palacio. washington journal receives tweets and e-mails every morning on c-span. >> we have a pretty simple proposition here. you can either embrace the kind of approach that congressman wilson embraced. a tea party approach to balancing the budget. it has no new revenue. and it's so draconian it would require deep cuts in social security and medicare over time. or we can embrace a balanced approach. that's what i support. i think we can go back to the kind of tax rates we had under the clinton administration, when those upper income earners were doing well and the entire economy was growing. we're going to have to make some tough choices, and a balanced approach is the only approach i believe will get us there. >> heather, your rebuttal. >> it's amazing to me that you can stand here having voted for trillion dollar deficits for the last four years. the largest, fastest debt increase in american history. and say that we have to control spending. you've done nothing to control spending
. there are some people on the left who are angry at obama for the things the state and the things that have to do with the extensions of bush. some don't see it that way. there's a big difference between obama's foreign policy and bush's foreign policy. the civil liberties, obama in the back, now, individual circumstances that are being pointed to, i don't think they have been verified yet. and that is that individuals may do bad things. no human rights organization is saying that that was ended. on the broader foreign policy question, i think it is a huge earth shattering difference that obama is on the side of bottom-up democracy in the middle east in countries and countries, even when the dictators are allies. it is unheard of for an american president to push out an allied was a dictator because the people have turned on that person. >> tell that to ferdinand marcos >> with all due respect, i don't think that is true as well. >> you can jump in anytime. >> i don't think it was that across to turn on a dictator. >> an across-the-board policy of either administration. >> well, you had three yea
to ignore the gaza model was a creation of the palestinian state. it contradicts president obama's reading of our own history. in which african-americans engage in the successful nonviolent struggle for their rights within our own republic. mr. obama has transferred his views to the palestinian struggle. he has done this on several occasions. noting that the palestinians fight for their rights. i find that obama's reading of history, the painful memory of burning cities. it was also at the heart of the african-american struggle for their rights. i grew up in this era. and i think that we will remember if we delve into our memories of the president in 1968, lyndon johnson, could not employ the 82nd airborne in vietnam. though he wanted to. because it was in detroit. palestinians are not fighting for their rights. they have their rights. they are inalienable. even to them, as it says in the declaration of independence. they are inalienable by god. it is an entirely different kind of a struggle than a struggle for rights. the struggle for freedom includes a different kind of tactic. especiall
obama winning by ten percentage points. unemployment in the state essentially mirroring what we have nation wild, 8.2% -- nationwide, 8.2%. terry madonna, neighboring ohio is getting an awful lot of attention with its 18 electoral votes. what is so different between ohio and pennsylvania that makes the buckeye state more of a battleground than pennsylvania at least at the moment? >> guest: yeah. yeah, well, the essential difference is that ohio has a good many be more sort of moderate independent voters at this point which are likely to vote either republican or democrat. as i pointed out a moment ago, the reason the democrats have done well is they've captured the suburbs of our state in these last, in the presidential elections in recent years, and that's been the defining difference. you've got that big swath of in the middle of ohio in columbus that is the battleground area there. obviously, with the cleveland area up in the northeastern part of the state being democratic and the cincinnati part out in the southwest being more republican, ohio just has a larger pool of these swin
obama presumably as we elect to, what would be on the agenda? the united states is pushing to have the agenda be focused only on the nuclear issue. that's a mistake because s. can't rightly pointed out, iran is listed here as a state-sponsored terrorism. whatever iran gives up on the nuclear issue, there may be a deal if we can accept iran's right to enrich uranium on its own territory, but the deal is going to be fragile if we continue to press iran on these other issues and there's no accommodation, no strategic agreement, no strategic understanding of the range of issues. so the agenda must be brought. the agenda is address the range of issues that bedeviled the u.s. iranian relationship. with that, there has to be a demonstration of u.s. seriousness. we often fall back on our grievances that concerns are real and imagined we have with the islamic republic in some of them are your bill. i'm not minimizing, boy fall and excuse not to do with the country strategically. as we do with china when we needed to because of us in our interest. here the issue is that it's in our interest
with kurt campbell. kurt campbell as you all know has been the assistant secretary of state for east asian affairs, east asian and pacific affairs since 2009 for president barack obama. previously, he was ceo and cofounder of the center for a new american security and concurs us director for the aspen strategy group co-chairman of the editorial board of the washington quarterly. he was the founder of strapped asia and strategic advisory firm, and with the senior vice president, director of international security program and henry a. kissinger chair in national security policy at csis. he is also an associate professor of public policy and international relations at the kennedy school of government and an assistant director of the center for science and international affairs at harvard university. doctor campbell has served in several capacities in government including his deputy assistant secretary of defense for asia pacific, director of the national security council staff, deputy special counsel to the president and the white house, and why do so at the department of treasury. for his se
we have not recovered from to this day. >> barack obama. how big a story was it in your mind that an african american became president of the united states? >> well, let me say personally, first, it did not really sink in with me until i was in the control room and one of the early primaries and he won. i remember standing there thinking, he could be president of the united states, and the significance of an african-american in my lifetime being president just struck me personally. and not sure that the reaction, but it was mine. clearly it changed so much in this country and the way we perceive one another and perceive race, and it has been an absolute milestone. no, let's -- that said, and i don't want to take anything away from president obama. he is a remarkable man with a remarkable intellect. anyone would have beaten the republican in 2008 given the economy. i mean, we had eight years of republican. hard to have 12 years of the same party in office no matter what unless you want four more years of the same. given what was going on with the economy at that point there wa
campbell. who has been the assistant secretary of state for east asian affairs in 2009 for president obama. previously he was the ceo and cofounder of center for new american security and currently served as a group and chairman of the editorial board of the washington quarterly. he was a founder of asia a strategic advisory firm and senior vice president national security policy at csis. an associate professor of public policy and international relations a the the school of government and assistant director for -- dr. campbell has served in several capacity in government include pacific directer on the national security counsel staff, deputy special counsel for nafta and the white house and white house fellow at the department of treasury. for his service he received the department of defense metals for does tick wished push lib service. he served as officered in the u.s. navy on the joint chief of staff and chief chief of naval operations special intelligence unit. dr. campbell received his ba from the university of california san diego. certificate in music and political policy fry if t
, president obama is not push the law on that and fighting there will be a lot of states following essentially in that model. stand are you suggesting in mandate? markell: that is what the effort will care act does. >> moderator: we are going to move on to the next topic for the both of you. so, i am going to put this to you. beyond the governor's office there is a lot of chatter about your longevity in this office should you win a second term. everything from the cabinet post to being should there be a shift in delaware's congressional delegation? you have moved into a leadership position at the national governors' association. you have been touted as a leader among body elected officials and you've spoken of the party convention. i know that your opponent is talked about a pledge i don't want to get into the pledge. what i want to know because clearly if you are reelected you are a lame duck by the delaware law you have the four years and that's it. what is your plan beyond the next four years? markell: i love this job and we have significant work to do to continue to improve schools, to con
. this is something that mr. obama does. you know, i think the granholm stimulus that very simple that is a complete disaster for the state of michigan. we have enclosed factory, no jobs, a debt with this tax credit. this is not the type of thing that we need the government picking winners and losers on. >> moderator: mr. mcdowell come how do you see as solving these issues? mcdowell: we need to develop the energy sources of the future, wind and soil and biomass. we need to make sure that what we are doing now is done in a responsible manner. congressman dan benishek, last night he denied climate change. he said there is no climate change. every scientists outside of the ones that work for the oil industry, they have agreed that climate change is real and we need to do something about it. congressman benishek, i don't know how you can look towards change and clean energy bills when you are so closely tied with the energy industry. you have taken almost $100,000 in campaign contributions and even set up and said that the oil companies pay their fair share of taxes. $5 billion per year when us in this
obama? casey: well, monica, i think when you represent a state like ours, you've got to only -- you have to, i should say, make a commitment, but also have your work reflect the fact that you are an independent voice for the people of this state. i think i've done that. when i voted to make changes so we could have a stronger health care system or voted for measures that would strengthen and protect jobs, i've worked very hard to create jobs here in philadelphia at the shipyard where because we can deepen the channel, we can get bigger ships and more cargo. but in terms of differences, i think the differences that i've had with the president have been fairly substantial on some big economic issues. for example, the trade agreements. the president and a lot of powerful interests in washington, democrats and republicans, wanted us to have a trade agreement with south korea, colombia and panama. i voted against all three for about three basic reasons. number one, i think pennsylvania we get is the short end of that stick. we would not do well in terms of job creation because of that, and i
our first panel, starting tonight immediately left and neil mcbride, united states attorney for the eastern district of virginia. appointed by president obama previously served as the associate deputy attorney general in the department of justice and several other senior government roles. moving to niels left we have kenneth wainstein, former homeland security adviser to president bush prior to the assistant attorney general for national security in the department of justice. and innocent surgery for the district of columbia. then run out our panel, my far left, the honorable james robertson, retired as you know states district judge for the district of columbia, appointed by president clinton in 1994 answered for him on time on the foreign intelligence surveillance court. thank you very much all three of you for coming. we'll start with each panelists, making some remarks and then we'll move on to questions. neil. >> karen, thank you for putting this panel together and thank you for inviting me. i've been in
. by also say i find it a little distressing when the president has secretary of state hillary clinton stand up to take the blame, a leader takes the blame. someone should be held accountable, it should be president obama. i really was disturbed when he had hillary clinton stand up and take the blame. that's not what a leader does. >> you want to respond to that at all? hochul: we agree on how the situation was handled. we must in watching different debate. i remember the president the united states take responsibly for those actions. >> go ahead spent we will move onto the next question and that is for mr. collins. super pac ad was released recently claim you fired one of 50 workers at buffalo china but several sources have criticized this had called it false. now, the question is, do you hold your opponent responsible, or can can this be held responsible engine for super pac adds that are made on their opponents behalf? collins: , i'm glad you brought this up. she's running wild. in fact, i save 245 jobs if ms. hochul with just a privacy and go china. i was lauded for a good step in into t
, about a year after obama took office, three things happened. the first was from the united states supreme court. and i think no person in the united states that i can think of has benefited more from the supreme court than karl rove. two decisions. when, in 2000 obviously with the bush versus gore which put is candid in the white house. number two, in 2010, citizens united decision, and that opens the floodgates fur contribution, unlimited contributions, in many cases from secret sources with no transparency whatsoever that is just unprecedented in history . the second thing that happened was michael seal running the republican party, and he is sort of running into a ditch. he could not raise a dime, and came seven early in 2010, you may recall there was a revelation in los angeles to the republican national committee had been entertaining its donors had a lesbian bondages the minister because of -- club. and for the party of family values this did not work too well, so they could not raise a dime. this gave wrote his opening. so it april he had a luncheon at his house in washingt
, see that live at 2:15 eastern also on c-span. a little bit later the focus will shift to state races with a debate for candidates to represent rhode island's 1st district. watch that debate live at 7:30 eastern on c-span. and finally president obama is back on the campaign trail. we'll have him live from the university of colorado at boulder, and that's at 9 p.m. eastern. c-span will have that too. >> i regard medicare as not just a program, but a promise. i was raised by my grand apartments. i got to see how medicare worked at a very young age, and it is -- they paid in throughout their working lives. we have to strengthen and extend its solvency. but i would note that tommy thompson supports a program to replace traditional medicare with a voucher. send people off to the private health insurance world with a piece of paper that doesn't keep up with costs. tough luck, it's out of their own pocket. shifting costs to severes as was the sweetheart deal with the drug companies, it's the wrong policy. >> medicare, ladies and gentlemen, is going to go bankrupt in the year 2024. i do not w
network, c-span. a little bit later the focus shifts to state races with the debate between candidates to represent rhode island's 1st district. you can see live coverage at 7:30 eastern also on c-span. and finally, president obama is back on the campaign trail. we'll have him live from the university of colorado in boulder, and that's at 9 p.m. on c-span. >>> you're watching c-span2, with politics and public affairs. weekdays featuring live coverage of the u.s. senate. on weeknights watch key public policy events and every weekend the latest nonfiction authors and books on booktv. you can see past programs and get our schedules at our web site, and you can join in the conversation on social media sites. >>> up next, part of a recent conference from detroit focusing on manufacturing technology and entrepreneurial activity in u.s. urban areas, techonomy detroit was a one-day conference in mid september at wayne state university. this portion of the conference includes a panel on do-it-yourself manufacturing and remarks by ben kaufman, the 25-year-old founder and ceo of quirky, a consume
the policy involved is wrong. the misconception that because i supported president obama, they agree with him 98% of the time. i don't agree with my mother 98% of the time. much less the president the united states of america. i was disappointed when the president wouldn't support my spending cap. he was disappointed when i didn't go along with cap-and-trade. i was disappointed to refuse to quickly approve the keystone pipeline. there are differences. what i try to do as a member of the united states senate think about missouri people, and i don't worry so much about whose idea it is whether it's a republican or democratic idea. i don't worry about whether the leader is mad at me. i had time out in my caucus many times. especially when i was going after the appropriators on earmarks. i think the misconception that congressman akin is anxious to put out there that somehow i'm doing the bidding of my party or the president when i'm trying to do the bidding of missouri people. >> >> moderator: thank you. akin: destroy a chance to respond? >> i department say she agreed with president obama 98% o
of the economy. which we have not recovered from to this day. >> host: barack obama, how big of a story that an african-american became president of the united states? >> personally, it did not seen an until i was in the control room when he won i remember standing there thinking he could be president of united states and the significance of the african-american in my lifetime struck me personally. clearly it changed so much in the way we perceive one another, race, as an absolute milestone. now that said, anyone would have be 10 there republican in 2008 given the economy. it is hard to have 12 years of the same party unless you of four more years of the same. with the economy at that point* there was almost notes chance personally. with hillary clinton was nominated she would have been elected. is a momentous occasion. >> host: any insights right now? [laughter] all this time in the newsroom where is it headed? >> i don't know any more than you do. [laughter] >> i think it is 50/50 country and it is a mistake to predict one way or the other. almost apart from the candidates there is th
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23